Invite Baron Bigod to your party

Are you gearing up to celebrate something this summer? Whether it’s a wedding, christening, summer BBQ, or you’re just thinking of celebrating being you (which, by the way, is always an excellent idea), we’re certain you won’t regret inviting Baron Bigod to your party. 

Baron Bigod is ideal for bringing the goo to your grazing table and makes a show-stopping addition to a cheese-tower wedding cake. Or simply place one of our enormous gooey 3kg wheels in the centre of your table, surround it with delicious crackers and accompaniments and watch your guests enjoy. 

Whether you have one or one hundred people coming to your party, we’ve got you covered. The Baron comes in 3 sizes of wheel, to suit any occasion: 250g, 1kg and 3kg. 

To help make planning your celebration cheese a breeze, we’ve got some pro tips for you:

  • Work out which sized cheese you will need. We recommend around 80-100g per person.
  • We always send your cheese with a decent shelf life. This often means it can still have a delicious curdy centre, with oozing goo around the edges. The rate at which your cheese matures depends on the size you get so here’s what we recommend:
  • 250g – order for delivery the week of your event. This baby cheese will be mostly ready to be eaten once it’s arrived.
  • 1kg – order for delivery around a week before your event. The 1kg wheel will need a touch longer in the fridge at home. 
  • 3kg – the large Baron Bigod is usually a little more firm when you receive it. If you prefer it a lot more gooey, we recommend keeping it in your fridge for up to two weeks before serving.

To experience Baron Bigod at it’s best, be sure to take it out of the fridge and let it sit at room temperature for at least an hour before cutting and serving. This will allow the cheese to relax, the goo to flow and the complex flavours and aromas to really sing. Cold cheese just isn’t the same.

Got questions about ordering cheese for your event? We’re here to chat. Give us a call on 01986 892350 or drop us an email to [email protected]