We are the Crickmore family and we want to take you on a journey with us. We want you to taste the Suffolk pastures in our products and to know that they came from somewhere uncommon. In a mouthful, we want to transport you to the delicate ecosystems of the Waveney River Valley and the care that we put into our beloved herd and lands. This is the “terroir” of our farm. Read More…
Raw Milk Dairy Farm

Naughty, decadent & creamy…it’s got that wonderful balance of ooziness from the outside and then fudginess in the middle.

Jamie Oliver
The Archers

What is our secret?

Most cheese and dairy produce is made away from the farm. It’s actually surprisingly rare to find a business today that controls the whole process from start to finish. These are our 3 secrets:


We grow our own forage and grazing right here in the surrounding landscape. We care for every cow in our herd as an individual and we care for our precious milk from the moment it leaves the cow.  What we take from the land we then put back again. We call this circular farming.


Within minutes of the morning milking, our fresh milk is already in the making rooms just a few metres away. Within hours it is being made into cheese and butter. Our milk doesn’t spend time being transported meaning our produce retains all the incredible characteristics of our fresh milk.


Our unique set up allows our milk to be gently gravity fed from the milking parlour into the making rooms next door. We choose to make our produce by hand, avoiding the use of big industrial dairy equipment. No piece of machinery can imitate the gentleness of a true artisan, who really cares.

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