We put a lot of thought into our packaging to get your orders to you in the best condition using environmentally friendly materials. Here’s the low down on what to do with your packaging once your order is safely inside your fridge or has already been eaten!

All cardboard packaging and leaflets can be recycled in the usual way. Below are some ideas for our more unusual packaging. Unfortunately the paper we use for wrapping our cheeses can’t currently be recycled, but we’re working on two solutions for this and will keep this page updated with any changes.

Fen Farm Box

Our cheese boxes

Reuse: Simply add a napkin to create a unique basket for your bread or crackers. They also make brilliant art projects for children to decorate.

Disposal: Break up the boxes into smaller pieces for awesome kindling!

Puffin Packaging Eco Chill

Ice pack

Reuse: The Puffin Chill ice packs we use are made of high-quality, non-toxic materials, making them ideal for picnics or lunchboxes!

Disposal: Once no longer required, they can be defrosted, emptied of water and recycled.

Wool Cool


Reuse: These 100% natural wool liners can be used to fill cushions or soft furnishings. They also make cosy beds for pets and work well as draft excluders or pipe insulation.
Disposal: Separate the wool from the plastic film. The wool can then be composted and the plastic recycled.
Wood wool

Wood Wool

Reuse: Wood wool makes very effective kindling for your fire or can be used as bedding for hamsters and rabbits.

Disposal: Our wood wool is 100% biodegradable. If you don’t want to re-use it, it can go on your compost heap.