Fen Farm Dairy on French television

We knew we’d finally made it when French television station France TV Londres got in touch to ask if they could come and find out more about our British Brie. They were fascinated when they heard that a French Brie de Meaux style cheese made in the UK had won the Best British Cheese Brand award. And even more intrigued to learn that it’s made using milk from our own French cows, and that we export it back to France! Fen Farm Diary owners Jonny & Dulcie Crickmore travelled to France in 2012 with a dream of bringing the Montbéliarde breed of cow back to the UK for the Brie de Meaux style cheese they set their sights on making in Suffolk. 10 years later and Baron Bigod features on the cheeseboards of British royalty and is a favourite cheese with some of the UK’s top chefs, including Jamie Oliver and Tom Kerridge. The show aired in France on 10th February and is available to view online. We hope you enjoy watching! P.S. If you don’t speak French, you can switch on auto-translate to English in your YouTube captions/subtitle settings, accessed via the cog symbol in the corner of your YouTube screen.