Fallow’s Baron Bigod on Malted Honey Waffle

Torched Baron Bigod cheese, on a waffle made using malt and yeast toasted in London honey, rhubarb and
onion chutney and fresh black truffle.

The restaurant Fallow, was founded by three individuals in May 2019 – two chefs, Jack Croft and William Murray, and career entrepreneur James Robinson. Fallow’s permanent home in St James’ Market London, was established in November 2021 and has since attracted a string of awards including both the Marie Claire and GQ ‘sustainable restaurant of the year’ and the Caterer award for ‘best new restaurant’. 


Makes 4 waffles:
70g Butter
370ml Milk
8g Fresh Yeast
30g Malt Powder
1/4 tsp Salt
210g Plain Flour
1 Large Egg

To serve:
Rhubarb Chutney
Baron Bigod
Fresh Black Truffle


1. In the microwave melt your butter and put aside to cool slightly.
2. Place your milk and fresh yeast in a bowl, whisk and leave to bloom for 10 minutes.
3. Weigh out the dry ingredients into a Kitchen Aid or mixing bowl.
4. Mix the dry ingredients together with paddle attachment or spoon.
5. Add your eggs to the yeast and milk mixture and whisk thoroughly.
6. Slowly pour in the yeasted milk and egg mix to the dry ingredients. Mix for roughly 1 minute until just
combined and there are no visible lumps.
7. Once you have a smooth batter, drizzle in the melted butter until fully combined.
8. Place the mix into tray or bowl, leaving enough space for the batter to rise. Refrigerate overnight.
9. To cook the waffle, heat the iron until it reaches 190°c.
10. Pour roughly 200g of batter into the waffle iron, and cook according to manufacturer instructions.
11. To serve, brush with honey and place in oven for 2 minutes to caramelise.
12. Top with a generous slab of torched Baron Bigod, rhubarb chutney and shaved fresh truffle.