Life on our Suffolk dairy farm: May

Raw Milk Dairy Farm

What’s new this month on our raw milk dairy farm?

Greener burps!
We’re taking part in a trial of a new garlic pellet cattle feed which aims to reduce the methane produced by cow burbs. Initial results from the research involving 10k cows across the UK, suggest that methane is reduced by around 30% with this type of feed.

New cheese building
We’ve been busy creating our much-needed new cheese building, which will give us vital extra space for cheese maturing and also an increased dispatch area for the shipping of all our orders. We hope to start using this new space from June.

Spring grazing
We love this time of year when we’re able to put our cattle out to pasture. Our 1-year-old girls have just been put out to grass and are enjoying their new surroundings. It’s also that time of year again for making silage to feed the cattle later in the year.