Over the past few years, some great and talented people have helped our business to become what it is today. Here is a list of some people who deserve our heartfelt thanks and a big shout out:


Neals Yard Dairy Thanks in particular to Bronwen Percival, who has given us amazing support and advice, right from the beginning, when we were cheesemaking wannabe’s and our business was just a glint in the milkman’s eye! But also to the rest of the fantastic NYD team for their never ending support and encouragement.

Ivan Larcher, French Cheese God Making a French cheese, we would be lost without the help of a true Frenchman. Thanks Ivan, for designing our cheesemaking rooms/equipment, for getting us on our feet and for teaching us how to answer our own questions!


Ian and Steph Sharman Thanks for inviting us to your farm and showing us that the Monty is the only way forward.

Coopex Montbeliarde Thanks to Ferreol Roche for chauffeuring us around no less than 35 French alpine farms in three days, in search of the finest cheesemaking Monty’s!

Building, engineering and technical

David Jordan and Roger Whiting Builders who have pretty much built our entire empire and done a very fine job!

E&B Williams, plumbing and refrigeration, thanks Bo for figuring out all of our odd requests, including how we were going to move milk uphill from the parlour to the cheese building via gravity!

Alan Hayes Cheese maturation equipment guru and project manager.

Foster’s Refrigeration who supplied our cold storage.

Grace Resin Flooring for a cheese room floor to be proud of.


Alex Hammond, of Studio Hammond. Designer and web developer, who has believed in us from the start and helped us to make our branding and marketing ideas a reality.

Gemma Wiseman, Artist and Graphic Designer – who drew the beautiful cows in our logo!

Rory Fitzgerald, who shot and made our lovely short film.

Jez Thompson, Web Developer

Harry Read, Photographer.

Katherine Mager, photographer.

Sarah Jane Leggett, Photographer and film maker.

Cheese and milk production

Thierry Lerendu, French cheesemaking consultant. This crazy man likes to come and hang out with us for weeks at a time and be worked half to death by Jonny in exchange for English lessons and trips to the pub. Our cheese wouldn’t be half the cheese it is today without his expert knowledge. Thanks Thierry!

Dr. Paul Neaves of Williams & Neaves. Microbiology Consultant AKA the walking bible of dairy microbiology. Seriously. Look no further.

Paul Thomas, Cheesemaking and Microbiology Consultant. Thanks Paul for unravelling our many millions of technical questions (cheesemaking dilemmas keeping you awake?…ask Paul!)

Ben Watts of Kite Consulting Dairy nutritionist, the man who creates the finest a-la-carte menus for our Monty’s!

Protein Feeds, Animal feed supplies. Thanks to Adrian and Chris for your continuing belief and support.

Three Rivers Vet Group. Mike Bardsley and the team, thanks for helping us to maintain a healthy herd.

Terry Butcher of HSBC, for putting up with (and believing in) our crazy ideas!

Grant Funding

We have been lucky enough to receive the support and grant funding from the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) for the follow projects.

2016 – Electronic Rumination Monitoring System: A system that monitors the health and well-being of our cows.

2018 – Fen Farm Dairy – Phase 2: A new cheese making facility for making our lovely Baron Bigod cheese.

2019 – Traditional Suffolk Shear Yoghurt: Equipment to make our own Skyr style yoghurt.

2022 – Despatch / Cheese Maturing Upgrade: Extension to our cheese making facility, additional temperature controlled storage and maturation rooms.

The projects were part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

The RDPE is funded by DEFRA and the EU. For more information, please visit the EU Commission’s rural development website, here.